You know that feeling that you get when you buy an mp3 player or a radio or something, only to open it and find out that you have to go back to the store to get batteries? Irritating isn’t it? It’s not so bad if you know that you need to grab some batteries with it, right? Because it has nothing to do with the $2 pack of batteries -it has to do with expectations!

So when you pay for a service the same is true: Expectations should be met. As your “Window Cleaning Gurus” we will truly try to accomplish your needs and expectations. Like any expectations though, window cleaning expectations should be realistic. Just as the c.d. player that labels whether they include batteries or not we also do and do not include certain things with our service to you.

So this is our companies disclaimer. There isn’t any sneaky fine print that is somehow differing from what we advertise everywhere else, but there is some details that should be disclosed. This isn’t where we tell you that you can expect top-notch service, but where we tell you that it’s not possible for us to hover over your lawn while washing your windows. Although that would be pretty cool…

So meet us halfway with your wonderful expectations and with our “Non-Sneaky Fine Print”, and life will be filled with nothing but sunshine!



1. Guarantee

1.a. The 10 day rain or snow guarantee is applicable to ground level only. Exceptions being on porches or other levels determined by Kings’ Window Cleaning.
1.b. Although the 100% satisfaction guarantee is completely legitimate, a level of reason should be exercised.

2. Additional Costs

2.a. 17% of the house cost will be added to the total due to excessive debris on the cleaning area either due to construction or extreme neglect.

3. Customers terms

3.a. Cleaning will not occur until price agreement has been signed and dated by homeowner.
3.b. Kings’ Window Cleaning reserves the right to cancel a service agreement.
3.c. Kings’ Window Cleaning reserves the right to refuse service to any company or any individual person.

4. Pricing

4.a. Kings’ Window Cleaning reserves the right to split up the price of the house cost.
4.b. Kings’ Window Cleaning reserves the right to split up the cost by the exterior being 60% and the interior by 40%.
4.c. The house size is subject to change upon arrival if an error has been made on determining the house size.
4.d. Unless otherwise stated previous service prices don’t carry over.
4.e. Unless otherwise stated service terms and prices may differ between customers.

5. Cleaning Circumstances

5.a. Unless otherwise stated broken window panes, sills, frames, and screens will not be cleaned.
5.b. Screens and window panes will be only be “stationary cleaned” if they are too difficult to remove. They won’t be removed so as to prevent further damage. This does not affect the price.
5.c. Windows will not be cleaned if heavy objects are making them inaccessible.


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