Insurance? Ask so you can make sure!

The potential stress isn't worth it!

A person can always choose to go the cheaper route of hiring an uninsured individual, which easier on the check book, but don’t forget to jot one more thing in.

If you hire an uninsured contractor- you have the potential risks riding on your shoulders!

Wait, wait, WAIT!

Risks? What risks!?

Hospital bills.

New windows.

New siding.

New Lexus.

Just to name a few…

When you hire an uninsured individual you take full responsibility for what happens during that individuals stay. For what happens to your house, your car, & that individual.

That’s right: if HE gets up on a ladder, that HE set up wrong and if HE falls on your new Lexus breaking HIS bones…HE doesn’t hafto pay for it!


So do you really want a not so cheap order of stress?




You shouldn't be thinking "What if..."

You can spend a few more minutes making sure that you are being taken care of by a company that carries your “no risk policy”.

Do you believe that your home is your most valuable investment? If you give us the opportunity to show you, we are sure you will definitely agree that we are on the same page!

We carry $1 million of commercial liability insurance through “United Fire Group”.

We also carry workman’s compensation for all employees.

So we’re happy to make it easy for you to do the farthest thing away from washing windows –without even thinking about the, oh so responsible, statement “What if…”



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