How your windows become spotless!

Our company has installed a policy that ensures that certain vital standards are met. We stand by these standards to the point of offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Here let me show you our 4 step “restore life to your windows again” system!

With this scrubber the dirt, sap, bugs, stand no chance!

Step #1. Scrubbing!

A mild solution is applied to your window pane with an abrasive wool sleeve -that is rated for glass. Then we do a little scrub-a-dub-dub action and presto! This gets rid of all that dirt and gunk that would take all day with household items.

This is how we prevent your floor from being soaked.

Step #2. Containment!

Edges of glass and the sills are wiped off to contain the water and to keep the dirt from spreading. This is also when we will scrub the sills and frames upon request of certain packages. We don’t move on until all water is wiped off the edges. This ensures that nothing will be dripping down the glass when we are done.

You have never seen rags leave results like this!

Step #3. Squeegee!

Proper squeegee techniques are exercised in order to accomplish the most desired “streak free” reflection. We like to use the squeegee technique of using only one swipe to help prevent leaving streaks.

This is where the rookies move on -but not us!

Step #4. Details!

Hey mistakes happen! But rest assured that you will not be left with them! Overconfidence is the downfall of a lot of window cleaning companies. Maybe they are overconfident of their experience -maybe they just don’t care… Regardless of what other companies do, this is where we take a special micro-fiber cloth and remove all excess water from the glass, frames, and sills. In our opinion this is the most important step!

Our system ensures streak free results every time, every window!

Look at this Result!

Beautiful! Your house looks just as wonderful as the day you moved in! And the best part is that you had the time to enjoy what is really important to you! Our unique 4 step cleaning system really does prevent a lot of the errors that can happen. We encourage you to look at these errors on this “Quality Assurance page”.


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