Are we local?

As you decide that getting your homes windows cleaned would be a worthy investment of your hard-earned finances, you might decide that it would be a loyal decision to hire a local company…

Principle: Money spent in a city, will help all the business in the city, as it circulates.

Is this a wise rule of thumb?

Very much so!

But  does a business have to be residing in the city in order for that city to benefit?

Let me put it this way: we are a window cleaning company that originates in Sauk Centre, mn – but when we go to clean windows in Plymouth we will more than likely spend money in Plymouth that day also. So the principle is being followed isn’t it?

So you could say we are a local Plymouth, mn window cleaning company!

What if we are estimating a home in Minnetonka and we decide to grab some organic green stuff at Trader Joe’s while we are in the area? Couldn’t you say we are local Minnetonka window scrubbers?

I personally spend more money in St. Cloud than I make there…so I hope that you would consider us a local St. Cloud cleaning company.

We get our company printing done in Alexandria. So we are a local Alexandria window cleaning outfit.

So you might be asking yourself, “Self…Whats this guy talking about?”

Basically we support our local businesses because it makes our local economy flourish, right? So if Kings’ window cleaning supports your local businesses couldn’t Kings’ window cleaning be supporting your local economy? Thus being a local business?

So are we a local company in your area?

If we are near St. Michael working are we going to get some grub there? Yep. So are you in need of a  St. Michael window cleaning company. Because we are it!

Buffalo is like my second home- so you would consider me a local Buffalo, mn window cleaning guy wouldn’t you?

So no matter where you are you can count on us not only treating you great, but treating your community great also.

Some other areas that we clean in Minnesota are (but are not limited to):

Maple grove


Brooklyn park





Fergus falls


Little falls


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